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Accountancy services price list
1. Annual tax return declaration
The offer includes:
- Preparing and submitting of the annual balance sheets,
- Registering the purchase of real estate
- Paying the annual state taxes and any other municipality fees
- Providing information about state, municipality and other fees and taxes
2. Registration of a company
. The offer includes:
- State fees
- Court fees
- Notary and translation fees
- Depositing the share capital (if needed)


Cyrillic Alphabet

Bulgarian is the oldest written Slavic language. Historically it is divided into Old Bulgarian (9th to 11th century), Middle Bulgarian (12th to 15th century) and Modern Bulgarian (16th century onwards); the present-day written language was standardized in the 19th century. Some words and structures remain from the language of the Bulgars, the Central Asian people who moved into present-day Bulgaria and eventually adopted the local Slavic language. The Bulgar was otherwise unrelated to Bulgarian.

Bulgarian demonstrates several linguistic innovations that set it apart from other Slavic languages, such as the elimination of noun declension, the development of a suffix definite article (possibly inherited from the Bulgar language, or taken from Albanian), the lack of verb infinitive, and the retention and further development of the Proto-Slavic verb system. There are various verb forms to express non-witnessed, retold, and doubtful action.

Cyrillic Alphabet Letters

Letter A A
as in act
Letter K K
as in kangaroo
Letter F F
as in fact
Letter B B
as in bus
Letter L L
as in love
Letter H H
as in honour
Letter V V
as in vacancy
Letter M M
as in movie
Letter TS ts
as in puts
Letter G G
as in god
Letter N N
as in not
Letter CH ch
as in check
Letter D D
as in dog
Letter O O
as in oasis
Letter SH sh
as in shadow
Letter E E
as in egg
Letter P P
as in pay
Letter SHT sht
as in pushed
Letter ZH zh
as in leisure
Letter R R
as in Rock
Letter A a
as in but
Letter Z Z
as in zoom
Letter S S
as in Sun
Letter - constant softening sound
Letter I I
as in internal
Letter T T
as in total
Letter YU yu
like you
Letter Y Y
as in young
Letter U U
as in yule
Letter YA ya
as in yank

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