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Accountancy services price list
1. Annual tax return declaration
The offer includes:
- Preparing and submitting of the annual balance sheets,
- Registering the purchase of real estate
- Paying the annual state taxes and any other municipality fees
- Providing information about state, municipality and other fees and taxes
2. Registration of a company
. The offer includes:
- State fees
- Court fees
- Notary and translation fees
- Depositing the share capital (if needed)


Reports about taxes

Bulgarian labour and social security Download (PDF - 286KB)

As determined in the Labor Code, the Bulgarian labor legislation is applicable to all employment relationships with Bulgarian enterprises and joint ventures in this country, as well as to employment relationships between Bulgarian citizens and foreign enterprises in this country or Bulgarian enterprises abroad, insofar as not provided otherwise in a law or a treaty to which the Republic of Bulgaria is a .....

Taxation Download (PDF - 473KB)

Foreign source income of a Bulgarian corporation. Relief for foreign tax paid.
Bulgarian resident corporation, which suffered foreign income tax on it s foreign business or investment income could credit such tax against the Bulgarian corporate income tax. The tax credit is limited to the amount of the Bulgarian corporate income tax that would have been incurred had the respective foreign income been earned in Bulgaria. The foreign tax credit which has not been utilized in the current calendar year cannot be carried forward or back......

Custom duties Download (PDF - 160KB)

Customs duties are payable on the importation of goods and products to Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a member of World Trade Organization. The Bulgarian customs legislation is harmonized with European Community Customs Code. The import s of products are subject to customs duties at rates determined in the Customs Tariff approved by the Government. The customs tariff codes are generally based on the international Harmonized System (HS)......

Competition Download (PDF - 220KB)

One of the typical examples of misuse of monopolistic and dominant position, which serves as a pattern of misuse in both the Bulgarian and EU competition practices, is when the consumers have to pay a high price for goods or services, which is not based on the expenses required for the production, i.e. the expense when compared with the final price, is very small......

Currency regime Download (PDF - 221KB)

The national currency of the Republic of Bulgaria is the Bulgarian lev (BGL). After the introduction of a Currency Board Arrangement on July 1, 1997, the exchange rate is currently fixed by law at 1.95583 Levs per Euro. The Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) is the body responsible for maintaining and conducting the monetary and credit policy, printing and issuing banknotes and coins, which is its exclusive right, supervising banks and the payment system and performing other tasks assigned to it by virtue of law

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