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Accountancy services price list
1. Annual tax return declaration
The offer includes:
- Preparing and submitting of the annual balance sheets,
- Registering the purchase of real estate
- Paying the annual state taxes and any other municipality fees
- Providing information about state, municipality and other fees and taxes
2. Registration of a company
. The offer includes:
- State fees
- Court fees
- Notary and translation fees
- Depositing the share capital (if needed)

About Bulgaria

Country Overview

Bulgaria is one of the oldest European states, having been founded in 681. It gave the Slavic script to the world, and in 2007 will become the only European Union member using the Cyrillic alphabet. One of the great civilizations developed and flourished in these lands in antiquity – that of the Thracians. The monuments of culture the country is studded with date back to the second millennium BC.

Bulgaria is a democratic European republic, with freedom of choice, speech and religion. It is located on a strategic crossroads between the West and the East that is a prerequisite for its dynamic and progressing economy and international trade. The stable macroeconomic environment and legislation, harmonized with European standards also contributes to this end.

Bulgaria is an incredibly diverse country with beautiful and unspoiled nature, spectacular landscapes and a unique combination of mountains and sea, all on a comparatively small territory. This makes it an attractive tourist destination, which offers vacation opportunities to people of all ages and in all seasons. It is easy to reach via the four international airports in Sofia, Bourgas, Varna and Plovdiv, the two major sea ports of Bourgas and Varna and the international waterway Bourgas along the Danube – the country’s border to the North.

This country has an incredibly fertile soil, suitable for growing all crops typical of the moderate continental zone, among them delicious fruit and vegetables, as well as the typical local plant species. These include the oil-yielding rose, original wine and tobacco varieties and herbs. The Lactobacillus Bulgaricus bacterium, used in the making of Bulgarian yogurt (an acknowledged source of longevity) is endemic to this country.

The Bulgarian lands were among the first territories where Christianity took root. In 865 it became the official religion of the state. Today, Bulgarian society is multi-cultural and multi-ethnic – Bulgarians, Muslims, Jews, Armenians, Roma. Bulgarians are sociable, hospitable and open to the world. A good education is traditionally high up in their system of values, as are family and friends.

Bulgaria is a country with millenary history. Sensational archaeological finds were unearthed on its territory in recent years – ancient sanctuaries and rock cities, dated to thousands of years BC, which may well change some parts of world history altogether.

Bulgaria is part of the family of the world’s tourist destinations. The value for money of the services offered makes it one of the most attractive tourist countries in Europe – at the topnotch cafes in Sofia, which can well compare with the most famous ones in Europe. A cup of coffee costs around 1 euro.


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